Mr. Daniel Gomes worked as a supervisor at Collets Company nearly twenty years since 1920 in this period they have done all fabrications of BMC, and it paved him the way for putting up a body building company. We were lorry body Builders Company namely “Gomes and Sons” which established in the year 1940 at No: 67, Moragasmulla, Rajagriya, with the aim of introducing ways and means to give a fabricating of modern style lorry body to the needy society in Sri Lanka. From the beginning we constructed bodies for “Ebert Silva” company. The first lorry body was constructed for Rs. 150.00 using wooden to fabricate. During the past we have been able to successfully build fairly a large number of Lorry bodies. First 08 Lorries, which imported for Dimo Company done by Weerakoon brothers and all construction and body building done by “Gomes and Sons”. In this period about 15 employees work in our factory. Since setting up of our company we were able to boast of having built lorries for the following. 12 Lorries for Ebert Silva.

Mr. Arthur Gomes was born in Moragasmulla to a well rich Gomes family Daniel, Arthur's father had been involved in the constructing of lorry bodies, when he was in the workshop, and he got the chance to use the tools and machines in the factory. He was constructing a full lorry body when he was a school boy. Later, he started fabricating company. Arthur Gomes proprietor of “Jayamalee lorry body Builders” of Moragasmulla Rajagiriya has been entrusted with building lorry bodies, half lorry bodies with Timber, Aluminium and Steel frames on several occasions since 1968. Customers were satisfied of their excellent workmanship and try to always fulfill the contracts entrusted with them right on time. Step by step he added new machines to the factory. During this period about 25 employees worked in his factory. He was responsible for rendering his services and support to National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority in events of launching various programs design to provide the necessary assistance to many about the provision of fabricating to those who were handicapped due to lack of common facility in rural areas of the country. He too had taken part in responsible for educating the younger generation in such areas on the subjects of Lorry Body Fabrication. He recruited many students from Training Authority to educate them.

He had served many Companies, Which are listed below.

  • In 1978, 14 chassis was built for the Ceylon Fertilizer Corperation.
  • In 1978, 49 chassis Romanian – 21, Mitsubishi Fuso – 20,
  • 08-Canter was built with full body for United Motors, Which Processed to Sri Lanka Government.
  • In 1979, 10 chassis for Mahaweli Development Board Romanian – 05, Tata Benz – 05.
  • 33 Isuzu Chassis for Sri Lanka State Plantations corperation in 1979.
  • In 1979, 18 International chassis for Mahaweli Authority.
  • 06 chassis For State Distilleries Corperation in 1981.
  • 06 chassis for S.A.Welgama & Sons.
  • In 1983, 101 chassis for Dai Hatsu Uniwalkers Company.

Lorry body fabrication was in the family from 1940. As children of a small entrepreneur, every one of us from our early childhood, doing various tasks, we felt, gave us the opportunity to learn the basics of this industry and commerce in general. Thanooja has a keen interest to gain entrance to any Institution from where he could further studies the area of “lorry body fabricating”. He joined the Ceylon German Technical College in Katubedda as a Student and continued his way up until complete the Technical Engineering Course. When he passed out technical college worked together with the father. In that time he was layed the foundation stone for factory which was with modern equipment and it named as “TECHNIP ENGINEERING COMPANY.” Further, he has built various types of propaganda for any occasions. Today, those very basic principles are main business of building bodies. Having our own workshops we are meeting ever increasing demand for body building support required by industries and individuals. We are setting new standards in building lorry bodies not only in town but also for the rural areas of the country. Not only Technip but also he possesses polythene bags manufacturing company and a Motor Garage.